buy topamax (topiramate) “When Rachel May came into our lives in the Summer of 2008, the only word-like sounds my 2 year old son ever uttered were “da” and “ta”. Her enthusiasm to help him find his voice manifested in her jubilant and focused weekly visits. Her genuine warmth is contagious. She felt like family by the end of her first visit. Though he didn’t speak yet, Devin was visibly thrilled the next time she walked into our home. He sat with her excitedly, listened to her and was engaged in her exercises and games. Within a few weeks he was repeating after her sounds he hadn’t previously made. Between her enthusiasm, my determination and Devin’s eagerness to participate in his own speech development, he was reciting the entire alphabet and verbalizing short sentences by the end of our year together. Our professional relationship is over, but her influence remains. I continued to use the tools and exercises that had been successful for her as well as more advanced ones she suggested. Twelve months after we parted ways with Rachel, Devin was reading Kindergarten books aloud to me, at age four. Our lives are forever enriched because of the time Miss May spent with us and the heart-felt and vibrant effort she put into helping my son conquer his speech delay.” Sincerely, Diana W. (mother)

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you could try here “The girls miss you. Every time I ask them, “Guess who’s coming today?” they always say, “Rachel”. It’s just so cute.” ~ Birgit J. (mother)

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“Miss May teaches children self-confidence while showing them love and care. She is the kind of teacher a child needs to be successful in life.” ~ Bernadette B. (mother)

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“I just want to thank you for all you have done for my grandchildren since they have been working with you. (My  granddaughter) is now a happy, self-confident 5th grader working at an almost 8th grade reading and language arts level, and has earned her 7th Outstanding Learner Award. (My grandson) is now speaking and communicating almost at his developmental level and is a very successful preschooler. Since you have been working with my second grader, she has shown almost 7 months academic growth. You have my utmost and sincerest thanks. Again, thank you so much for what you have done.” ~ LDS (grandmother)


“We have loved our time doing speech with Rachel. My son Jacob has worked with her for three years and has made significant progress overcoming his speech delay. She has made every interaction positive even when he has not been “in the mood” for speech therapy. I have loved the interest Rachel has taken in our family as a whole. She offers ideas that have helped our family’s communication to improve alongside ideas for Jacob. Rachel is always professional and fair. I think the thing that is most telling is how much my son has gained, while we used to think he was shy and quiet, he is now a confident and outgoing 5 year old with many things to say every day.” ~ Natalie (mother of Jacob)

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