Communication Connection Speech Services Now Offers TeleHealth Services!

We are licensed in both Colorado and Washington State and offer therapy by an ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist.  If you live anywhere in Colorado or Washington State and are interested in receiving therapy online, please contact us. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for further information on TeleHealth/TeleSpeech.

voetbal uitslag ajax Enhancing Communication and Connection to Each Other, One Child at a Time

At Communication Connection Speech Services, our mission is to improve the communicative ability of every child we serve. We feel that effective communication skills are an integral part of  each of our lives. We also believe that successful communication strengthens our connection to others by allowing others to understand us and our intentions. We therefore strive to better each child by offering exceptional treatment, knowledge and care to children in need of services. Labé othem-boge träffa tjejer We feel strongly that the ability to communicate your thoughts/ideas/desires connects us all.

Communication Connection Speech Services began so clients could benefit from one-on-one attention without feeling “lost in the shuffle” while receiving the quality of care they deserve. We aim to enhance communication and inter-personal connection one child at a time and we feel privileged to be able to facilitate positive change in children and their families. We are honored by the families that put their faith and trust in us to foster growth and development. We value family engagement and creativity through our high quality, individualized therapy services. Each therapy session is developed around your child’s unique situation and needs all in the reassuring atmosphere of their home, preschool, or daycare center. We believe children feel more at ease and therefore thrive when therapy sessions are held within their comfort zone. We therefore offer our one-on-one therapy services in a variety of environments to effectively meet the needs of each family we serve.

Treatment plans and goals are created to best support each child and their family. Communication Connection Speech Services provides the strong foundation young children need to develop and succeed. With a strong focus on family, we strive to help children achieve their fullest potential!

It is our intention to fill this site with useful information for children and families whom may need Speech Services. Suggestions are always welcome.

Also, please don’t forget to follow our blog and social media pages for helpful hints, links to research, toy suggestions and play activities.

Birnin Kebbi namoro cancao Now introducing TeleSpeech via VSee!  VSee offers the ability for HIPPA compliant, online therapy. Files can even be shared to continue the work we do in therapy at home at your convenience!

Are you growing tired of rushing around in your car to appointments only to be late? Imagine the ease of simply staying home and connecting to your therapy appointment rather than hurrying to be on time. If that sounds appealing, TeleSpeech may be a great option for you!

songfestival zweden 2020 Reda Please click on the hyperlink below or wait for the email invitation to join a session online.





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